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  • Corporate culture

    Enterprise spirit-----Spirit Wolves(A keen sense of smell,Strong willpower,Teamwork)
    Person's quality-----Honesty and credibility,Dedication,Initiative in charge,Value creation
    Management idea-----Obey,Responsibility,Justice,Innovation
    Style of work-----Quick response,immediate action
    Survival idea-----Always trrembling with fear,Always to be very careful
    User concept-----The user is always right,everything to the user as the center
    Technological idea-----Speed,Innovation
    Quality concept-----Quality is the life of Tianci
    Talent view-----Everyone is a talent,not race horses
    The principle of solving problems-----Inside the job a person in responsible for the end
    6S management practice-----Every day the work is done,every day progress
    Three basic principles of management-----Closed loop principle,Comparrative analysis principle,Continuous optimization principle
    Conference management principles-----Pre prepared,Will have results,After the implementation